May 26, 2011 Johannasawalha

Are You Same or Are You Different?

Everyone is searching for happiness.

This way, we are all the same.

Whether you believed the world was ending on May 21st or not.

“Sama sama” it is called in Sanskrit.  Same same.

It is certainly a better vantage point than, we’re different.

One dictionary definition of the word “different” is “incompatible”.

Others are “other” and “separate”.

I sometimes, if not often, decide that I am separate.  That no one understands me and, that no one will ever fully understand me – and “boohoo” and so on and so forth.  When I go there and land myself in the “different” camp, I am miserable.  I am different, they are different, and the twine shall never meet.  And that just feels hopeless.  It is exhausting to keep voting for how someone else is different or not, or if they are for us or against us-  “don’t forget to look over your shoulder…!”…

If I get intimidated by someone, someone that seems more knowledgeable, more powerful, more “elder” than myself, I picture that person in diapers.  Remembering that they too have been a baby and that they too always just wanted to be loved and cared for.  That usually sets me free again to be myself.

Here are some tips when you feel different or alone.  When you are experiencing loneliness, separation or conflict with another:

  • Look for how you are the same; you both have a mother, you both want happiness and prosperity, you both love your children or siblings.
  • Be the one “going first” and see if the other person will lobby back a clue to another similarity – that commonly happens…
  • Remember that they too were once in diapers and cried for their mommy (and maybe still do sometimes!)

Keep going for similarities.  Let’s not be distracted by other people’s different qualities or personalities.  We are playing on the same side of the playing field.  We all want to score the same goal of happiness.

Don’t forget to write your comments with feedback, or to tell on yourself, whatever you please.  I love it all.


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