May 24, 2011 Johannasawalha

….A different kind of love…

This post is about love.  The different kind.  I read something that struck a deep chord with me today.  About love.  That constancy is its very nature, with no dips.  It doesn’t fade because its source is ever new.

I spoke to a few dear friends and family today; Patricia, Kenny, Lars…And the love bond that is there gets sparked every time we speak, so it is ever new.

We have trouble understanding this because we don’t go deep enough on the subject of love in our every day lives.  We mistake romance for it, a rush and a thrill.  At least we expect to experience some sort of high.  I believe true love is as constant as one of your limbs.  Deep love even includes the bumps and bruises and disappointments you experience inside of feeling love towards something or someone.  Love doesn’t die because of these adversities.  In fact, when you get hurt by someone you love, it only shows you how deep your love runs.

So I got inspired by this myself today:

In your ordinary life, learn to love.  If it contains any demands, it is just a commercial exchange…

Without love – we are nothing.

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