May 20, 2011 Johannasawalha

What About Shameless Self Promotion…

What about shameless self-promotion when you are looking for work?

I have been grappling with the balance of just doing what I love and simply letting that love spread – and the concept of what I call shameless self-promotion.  And I have come to that there is a balance to strike.

I really have a strong dislike for shameless self-promotion.

I really do.

I think it is preposterous, boastful and lacking a humility that I value.

Hearing someone say, “I am so great” gets me going (and not in a good way).  I get uncharacteristically feisty and in-your-face and want to ask, “Why?  Why are you so great?  Great, like, better than anyone else??”

I don’t like when I am being that way.

So I went to look at the discord I was experiencing.

What am I taking issue with and what is my truth about it?

It starts with that as a Swede, I was raised to keep it down, not boast, not to stick out, to be a part of the communal whole, instead of striking out as an individual.  Out of that, for as much as I speak, I can get both shy, quiet and self conscious in different situations where I feel like I would have to raise my voice to get heard.  Most every self-promotion inside of that cultural context seems shameless!

My second point is this:

Don’t we all feel like people should “just get” how great we are?

Why should I even have to say it?

Which is just bratty on my part and arrogant to the other extreme.

Buddha is my boy in many ways and on this topic he had it right – that there is a Middle Way.  The balance to strike as I see it is:

  • Love your work and do it well.
  • Talk about the work you do because you naturally talk about things you love.  When we are in love with someone, we simply can’t stop jabbering away about that person.  It is the same with the work you’ve given yourself too.  That is your self-promotion and you neither have to use sharpened elbows nor be shameless about it.
  • Circle back to “Go” and dip inside again, to find what the next piece of knowledge you have will truly make a difference for yourself and others.  The one which you want to impart and give the world next.

This process takes me out of my dislike of promoting myself.

I am just talking.

And I am just talking about what I love.

And if someone wants some of it, I am happy to share it.

Does this help?

Does this help you entrepreneurs who are setting out to do something new?

Or you mothers who are about to join the work force again after raising your children?

Or those of you who got laid off and looking for what’s next?

Let me know.  Talk to me.



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