May 17, 2011 Johannasawalha

Move your body – change your mind

…so I was thinking about what to write you and although I have had this insight before, it came over me again!  Which is that I can’t inspire if I am not inspired myself.  So I went to do some inspirational reading and remembered a nugget from Danforth’s old classic “I Dare You!”  (that I have to recommend with the caveat that it is dated and at times hokey as it was written in the 30’s) but this was what has stuck with me this morning and that I wanted to share with you…

When Mr. Danforth interviewed people for positions in his company, he would give them a physical fitness test.  Because he knew that the demanding work there would require actual physical strength and it would keep their minds clear.  Lawrence Olivier, the great actor, said the same when asked what the most important feature of a budding actor was.  Was it talent?  Mr.  Olivier said, no, it was stamina.  They had to last through a 16 hour shoot (perhaps, like him, in the desert!).

My inspiration is – if you are battling the quagmire of your mind and anything that is spooking it from what you are dealing with in your life…get up and move your body.

Surf (if you are in that part of the country/world where you can do that), work out, take a dance or yoga class, go for a hike.  Anything to shake up your low energy level/vibration.  (My favorite in New York City is Patricia Moreno’s IntenSati.) 

A recent and wonderful house guest left behind a gift card for our local Blue Star bike shop, adjacent to the downtown Brewery that hang the bike shop’s custom made bikes in the ceiling for sale (love that).

Consequently, Z and I hopped on bikes with Sami in tow, and explored the famous San Antonio mission trail or and biked the southern extension of the River Walk and the San Antonio river.  It is all being landscaped and prettied up all the way from Southtown where we live (think SoHo in NYC as an equivalent but with more TexMex hangs) up to the northern part of town.

 That is it.

That is all I got.

Can’t get out of your mind?

Get up and move.

Love always,


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