May 10, 2011 Johannasawalha

Patience is a verb.

This blog is about patience.

Of which I have little.

I remember being in second grade and my stepfather, patiently, trying to walk me through my math homework.  I threw a temper tantrum at the agonizing slowness of the process and demanded he just give me the answers.  Of course he didn’t but instead, patiently, explained that the point wasn’t to get through the exercises, but to incorporate the concepts into my own understanding.  Doing it that way, I would even get a lot out of it.

This lesson still comes to visit me.  Often.

And life is not as kind and patient as my stepfather was, but tends to give you the lessons just the way you need to learn them.

I share with you my transition between New York and Texas a lot, and it is because it indeed was huge and I am still learning from it every day.

I have had to be patient, building a new community, my professional practice, and still keep nurturing my New York friendships and those with family and friends in the rest of the world (both Ziad’s and my family still live in our respective mother countries Jordan and Sweden).  Our families have had to be patient with us roaming around in the world away from them, and still stay connected no matter what, continuously syncing back up year after year.

I have then realized that patience then is a verb.  It is a not a passive waiting-for-Godot, for a day we hope might come.  It is the hard, slow, long, arduous, exhilarating, aggravating journey over time till you get where you are going.  So maybe instead of hunting so hard for the answers to how we can get there faster, maybe we should wonder why we would want to.  Isn’t patience a virtue that we would all want to possess?  And doesn’t it take time to learn a virtue?

That is what I will leave you with today.

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