May 2, 2011 Johannasawalha

When thinking of something negative, think of the opposite


I have been reading and thinking about that great spiritual practitioners are those who have made a pledge…to eradicate all their negative states of mind in order to help bring ultimate happiness to others…

And that what enables us to deal with a difficult situation is our capacity to shift perspective, to view our situation from a different vantage point.  The great yogic sage Patanjali said it the best in his Yoga Sutra 2:33…freely translated from Sanskrit, “when you think of something negative, think of the opposite”….

I just came up on my 1-year anniversary living in San Antonio, Texas, after relocating from my two decades in New York. 
I have had many opportunities to shift my perspective in this time from thinking about things as “not being New York” to what a wonderful, warm and friendly place I have come to.  Often I come home to fresh flowers on my porch or a care package with a note from a neighbor that says, “I made extra tonight for dinner – please enjoy”…
Being a seeker and teacher in personal development, I often ask myself, “what else?” and “what’s next?”.  I have to be mindful to appreciate what I have before moving on to those two questions.  

In honor of you, I will end how I started this piece of writing, with a pledge to go into my week, looking at my half full glass and drinking it with thorough appreciation :).

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