April 26, 2011 Johannasawalha

Last post was about getting yourself heard….

This post is about getting yourself seen…

I am working on a live streaming show right now with my friend CK Dozi with the working title “Jo and CK Dozi’s show Streamin’ & Dreamin”…

To even make five minutes worth of viewable material is a tremendous amount of work…

Good news is I picked a great, fun, humorous buddy to do it with…

And a most talented writer to help us with our banter…

Now…I want to share with you my deep, dark secret that has me pursue this venture…

I have a spook about TV…

I was up for a TV show last year that I walked away from…

It didn’t feel right, the timing wasn’t right, etc., etc. but mostly I was just scared of it…

I have thought about this a lot and when digging a little deeper, I went to interview my mother about it who was a newscaster all her life.

HER biggest spook was TV too!

She loved doing radio and writing for the newspapers, but TV was a necessary evil next career step that she could’ve done without.

The bitch was how perfect she was for it.

She had the looks, the perk, the professional experience.

So do I.

For those of you who know me personally, and/or have been coached by me (those two tend to blend), now or when I was with The Handel Group, know about the power of lineage.  That the unresolved stuff follows you down the line.  Until someone picks up the torch to burn that sucker down that has been plaguing previous generations.

I got my torch for TV.

I got my lighter fluid.

And my lighter.

I made a practice lit.

The torch ain’t aflame yet.

But it will be.

Watch me.

I will not take this spook with me to the grave.

Where do you have things that spook you?

Is it the classic spook of public speaking?  Which is highly related to mine, although I am much more comfortable with that than I am with TV.

Where do you stop yourself from being seen?  Visible?  Thinking that you have to have it all down pat before you launch?  The launch that becomes the one-day-some day-launch.

I would love to hear from you and I also have a dare.

That you show me, post in the comment section some part of your half baked project; your writing, your movie script, your idea…. just enough not to give it all away, but enough to risk a little visibility, being a little vulnerable.  For those of you who are my clients, it might just be daring to go on Skype for one of your coaching sessions – to meet face-to-face rather than phone – to bring that next level of three-dimensional intimacy to it…

The science community just started this awesome social media network/site where frustrated scientists that are stuck alone in their labs with a problem they can’t solve, can reach out to their global community for help when they are stumped alongside their advisors.  It is called Research Gate.  Instead of proudly pushing through on their own, they said, “I will make my stuck-ness public, and maybe I can get some help, and maybe then science will advance much faster than it is today.  I am willing to look a little foolish as I am progressing and learning within my subject.”

So my words to you today are, make yourself seen.  Somehow.  In your own creative, special way that you pick.  And let me hear about it.

Love always,


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