Johanna Sawalha Executive Coach

Johanna Sawalha Executive Coach

Message from Coach Jo –

¨Hi everyone! You are here, so I’m going to assume that you are committed to the growth and development of yourself, your team or your company. Nothing could make me happier - I salute you for caring about this. I will be sure to provide value to you - and please let me know if you want to see something in particular. I will do my best to grant your requests! ¨

Broke My Left Arm On Friday And What I Learnt From It

June 6, 20112 Comments

I broke my left arm on Friday.  I had just come back from picking up Sami from school and started to prepare lunch.  Up on a stool and into a cupboard above the fridge to get some apple cider, I was on my way down and my knee got caught in my skirt.  I couldn’t Read More

Admin Will Never Make You Rich

June 1, 20113 Comments

When I start my day’s tasks, I veer towards admin. “Let me just get this bill out of the way.” Or “Let me put that call into the energy company.”   Let me dot some I’s and cross some T’s in other words.   It is safe. It is measurable. It is comfortable.   Now. Read More

Paradoxi and Dichotomies…

May 29, 20112 Comments

There is so much advice to be had in the world. Good advice and bad advice but if that was all there was to it, life wouldn’t be and feel so complex.  If life wasn’t so deep and multi-faceted, and after some reflection, you could probably fairly easily distinguish which advice is the true one Read More

Are You Same or Are You Different?

May 26, 20112 Comments

Everyone is searching for happiness. This way, we are all the same. Whether you believed the world was ending on May 21st or not. “Sama sama” it is called in Sanskrit.  Same same. It is certainly a better vantage point than, we’re different. One dictionary definition of the word “different” is “incompatible”. Others are “other” Read More

….A different kind of love…

May 24, 2011No Comments

This post is about love.  The different kind.  I read something that struck a deep chord with me today.  About love.  That constancy is its very nature, with no dips.  It doesn’t fade because its source is ever new. I spoke to a few dear friends and family today; Patricia, Kenny, Lars…And the love bond Read More

What About Shameless Self Promotion…

May 20, 20114 Comments

What about shameless self-promotion when you are looking for work? I have been grappling with the balance of just doing what I love and simply letting that love spread – and the concept of what I call shameless self-promotion.  And I have come to that there is a balance to strike. I really have a Read More

Move your body – change your mind

May 17, 20111 Comment

…so I was thinking about what to write you and although I have had this insight before, it came over me again!  Which is that I can’t inspire if I am not inspired myself.  So I went to do some inspirational reading and remembered a nugget from Danforth’s old classic “I Dare You!”  (that I Read More

The Places You Travel…

May 12, 2011No Comments

Your feeling state determines your experience of your quality of life. After all the buzz from Law of Attraction, The Secret, Abraham-Hicks and all the Vedic scriptures that came 5,000 years before them, I think we are in agreement on this one. That warrants an investigation into the places you travel to – in your Read More

Patience is a verb.

May 10, 20116 Comments

This blog is about patience. Of which I have little. I remember being in second grade and my stepfather, patiently, trying to walk me through my math homework.  I threw a temper tantrum at the agonizing slowness of the process and demanded he just give me the answers.  Of course he didn’t but instead, patiently, Read More

It’s OK to be needy…

May 4, 20111 Comment

I got a call recently from a woman who through many roundabout ways found me… She said she needed me.  Desperately. She spilled everything about why and after some tears too, we decided how to get her started and where to unravel the big mess she feels her life is in. Afterwards, I thought about Read More