Why Get a Coach?

“I’ve always battled with my career. I felt like I had no purpose and I never liked what I was doing. My jobs always ended in me either being let go from downsizing or I would get fired. My coach taught me that it’s not “what I do” for a living that matters it’s ¨how I am¨ about what I am doing that does. My coach is teaching me how to break my old habits and how important it is to challenge my doubts and fears. I realize that I truly create my world by what I think. I now have practices in place that stop me from going down a path of negativity and self-doubt. As I keep up the practices she taught me, they get better and better and so does my life.”
 — Beth Armstrong, events manager

So…why get a coach?

You –

  • Develop leadership skills and practices – for work and life!
  • You enhance your career and end up in the right place…
  • Get ongoing, impartial feedback that assures your growth!


Need a Career Boost? Join ¨Career Booster!¨

¨I've created a FREE webinar for YOU-'Career Booster!' Don't be satisfied with just working for a living. Love your life. Love your job!¨ ...
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Trouble Getting Started?

Watch this: PS. If you could get coaching on ANYthing, what would it be? You too can fill out the survey and let me know: This will absolutely guide my choice of subject matter for the next webinar! And DO watch webinars, you guys. They’re SUCH a great source of free info and inspo! Best, PSS. Here's Greta, my life saving au-pair ...
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I Love Telling You About My Wins – But When I Lose? I Go Quiet – Read About My Epic Fails

The other day, I was able to report a great streak of wins to my accountability community. After a long stretch of dry spell (i.e. tons of hard work with little to show for it), the flood gates opened and contracts started flowing in. Quickly, I got on the (closed) meeds to share just how GREAT I felt. I received lots of congrats along with requests for advice. Well, now ...
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Today’s ¨iFix…!¨- Love or Career? Which one is most important to YOU right now? LMK!

Today's ¨iFix...!¨- Love or Career? Which one is most important to YOU right now? LMK! ...
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Your Daily ¨iFix…!¨- On Inspo

How to get your mojo on - even when you're not feelin' it! iFix-1 min on inspo ...
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Today on the Summit Ya’all – Dr Michelle Casto!

And she is going to give those that sign up this FABULOUS gift - her bestselling book and accompanying meditations! That is a NICE gift and it will completely give you what Michelle's all about. Also, tomorrow, don't miss the interview with Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin. Her free gift is ¨100 Ways To Make Peace With Food¨. Says it all, doesn't it ...
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If You Ever Considered Coaching-Take This Survey

Hi all - I'm writing this to these categories of people: 1) People who have had a coach in the past 2) People who have thought about having a coach 3) People who have had coaching type conversations Or you who have coached with me in the past. Or you and I've had deep conversations about coaching. And you may have shared your life situation with me and we've discussed ...
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Why Everyone Will Need an Online Business in 10 Years

Jumpcut recently wrote that ¨in the next 10 years, nearly half all jobs are a risk of being wiped out due to automation.¨ Learning to create a certain type of online business is the best way to thrive in the Age of Automation. As much as politicians like to say it, those lost manufacturing jobs weren't due to outsourcing. The jobs are getting automated. So WE – have to get creative. Come learn how to ...
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