Why Get a Coach?

“I’ve always battled with my career. I felt like I had no purpose and I never liked what I was doing. My jobs always ended in me either being let go from downsizing or I would get fired. My coach taught me that it’s not “what I do” for a living that matters it’s ¨how I am¨ about what I am doing that does. My coach is teaching me how to break my old habits and how important it is to challenge my doubts and fears. I realize that I truly create my world by what I think. I now have practices in place that stop me from going down a path of negativity and self-doubt. As I keep up the practices she taught me, they get better and better and so does my life.”
 — Beth Armstrong, events manager

So…why get a coach?

You –

  • Develop leadership skills and practices – for work and life!
  • You enhance your career and end up in the right place…
  • Get ongoing, impartial feedback that assures your growth!


COACH JO: Series on Joy – Installment 4/10

Series on Joy – Installment 4/10 In Buddhism there is a saying. “Abandon all hope of fruition.” How depressing you may say. What it really means is – appreciate the journey. Take joy in every moment. Savor it. Show up. Be there for it.We also know how short lived a moment of fruition is. Meaning, the moment we reach a goal we have been working towards, how long does the excitement last? A ...
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2011 in review – Thank you all who participated, read and commented!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here's an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people. Click here to see the complete report ...
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On Regrets

I hung out with someone yesterday who reads my blog . She made a suggestion for a topic she’d like to see . How to deal with regrets ? The stuff you have done that haunts you at night. The I-could’vs and I-should’vs. Well.  What if you couldn’t have done it any other way? Based on the information you had at the time. That is what life experience is. And ...
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Reaching Your Goals – plugging your missing-information gaps

You know how I have said to you that all you are missing is information. And that there is nothing inherently wrong with you.  Whatever habits and behaviors that are insufficient to reach your goals, are simply a function of lack of the knowledge that will take you there. So if you are an inquisitive and curious person (which I know you are, because you read my quips) there are ...
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Money Balance – Do You Have It?

I am sure you wonder at times where all the money goes. Seems like the money in your pocket doesn’t follow the easy-come-easy-go rule, but rather the hard-in-coming-easy—in-going one…! You look at your finances and no matter what you make you always seem to end up with the same, or as little, in the end. What gives…? We watched not one, but two!, period pieces one night this weekend during ...
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Insomnia – Is It Just Me?

I am talking to myself today as much as I am talking to you. I have experienced insomnia off and on in my life. Another spell started three days ago. Been waking up at 4 AM and I’d rather stay asleep. The worst part about it is anticipating not having my strength the next day. That is the part that freaks me out the most. Apart from doing all the ...
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To Tell Or Not To Tell

I just had a client (you know who you are) - who is upset with people. And he has lists on them. Things he was disappointed about. He lets the things sit there and fester. And it makes him sick to his stomach. The truth is, it is not good for him to do this. It made me wonder about how much of that we do. Have little things that ...
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Thinking Small Is Thinking Big

I just read an article in Entrepreneur mag online. Richard Branson was talking about thinking big. What he was actually talking about was thinking small. As in interacting on the level of where he first started. What made his business good at the start? Were he and his friends having fun while doing it? Anyone with a good idea – was their voice heard? I spoke at a Rotary club ...
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Hellos and Goodbyes and Forgiveness In-between

My husband and son just dropped me off at the airport for my trip to New York, going to celebrate a 50th birthday there.  My son started crying when I got out of the car, although I had been prepping his little year-and-a-half old ears for days that I was leaving.  He still got upset - this sweet little being who lives in immediate reality.  We reassured him that daddy ...
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Nothing Comes From Nowhere, Everything Comes From Somewhere

When you find yourself upset. Or out of sorts. You may often feel that it came out of nowhere and now you are just feeling off.  Know that nothing comes from nowhere.  Everything comes from somewhere. This morning I was feeling off.  I called a friend and together we started sorting where the feeling came from.  What previously had seemed like a hazy blues, all of a sudden crystallized into ...
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