Why Get a Coach?

“I’ve always battled with my career. I felt like I had no purpose and I never liked what I was doing. My jobs always ended in me either being let go from downsizing or I would get fired. My coach taught me that it’s not “what I do” for a living that matters it’s ¨how I am¨ about what I am doing that does. My coach is teaching me how to break my old habits and how important it is to challenge my doubts and fears. I realize that I truly create my world by what I think. I now have practices in place that stop me from going down a path of negativity and self-doubt. As I keep up the practices she taught me, they get better and better and so does my life.”
 — Beth Armstrong, events manager

So…why get a coach?

You –

  • Develop leadership skills and practices – for work and life!
  • You enhance your career and end up in the right place…
  • Get ongoing, impartial feedback that assures your growth!


I Love. To. Move.

Hi, it’s me, Coach Jo! It’s Friday morning, and I was just hit with my partner-client-friend Erika Shannon’s vid from the fab co she works with, Soul Cycle…! While I was watching the video, I realized I have always moved. I’ve been on the move in various forms – moving, traveling, exercising, dancing, boxing, biking, yoga’ing - a lot - but there was this simple realization that I Love. To ...
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Did You Do Your Sun Salutes Today…?

Or your workout of choice? I did my prostrations. I have done 1000 of my prescribed 111 111. It will take me 100 years. But that’s OK - because it’s all about the PRACTICE, not the goal. In 1994, I went on a wild adventure in the Himalayas. I will tell more stories later on, but today, I just want to share this one about said practice. Right outside of Lhasa, I ...
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Sports, Passion & Presence

Lotsa’ sports today-my theory-we love sports because players are present and INTO it! What if we LIVED that way? I think that's what we're all hankering for... Love, Coach Jo ...
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Self-deception – we’re all guilty of it!

Hey, it’s me, Jo… It’s Monday afternoon and I’m about ready to tend to business. The morning was spent catching up after the weekend! Do you ever feel that way? That you need, or wish you could have, a day after the weekend just to get life back in order…? While I was creating space after the 5-person-family-weekend-mayhem, I realized something interesting. It was based on a conversation with my ...
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It is Friday and how much are you enjoying yourself…?

Are you excited to go into the weekend? Or are you thinking about everything you must ¨catch up on¨? And then Sunday comes and you feel guilty that you didn’t get to any of it… Alan Watts said it well, “We get such a kick out of looking forward to pleasures and rushing ahead to meet them that we can’t slow down enough to enjoy them when they come.” Also, ...
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On Opting In: ¨Should I stay or should I go?¨

Just posted this on Facebook, in regards to being ACTIVE friends and actively participating with each other. You may be visiting my site without having opted in. Would you? 🙂 Love, Jo ¨Should we Unfriend? Or stay friends…¨ It’s spring cleaning time! Don’t know about you but I go a bit wacka-doo with the feng shui(see #tbt of looking out window in 1997 and 2017! Spring cleaning of pics and ...
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Stuck at your desk – and in your career…?

That all could feel differently today! With the Career Kickstarter Program you will: Get personal and customized attention Feel inspired again and fast Get tips and tools to fast forward your progress no matter the field you are in Learn the distinctions of getting-out-of-a-rut Identify your next career move and the next appropriate actions to take 8 sessions, unlimited email access, keep sake tools. Payment plans available for as low ...
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Grow With Your Plants

Both clients and friends sometimes voice their frustration that progress in life takes soooooo looooong! You feel so ready to just spring forward. And then - there is life. Tripping you up, throwing your curve balls and giving you head colds... You or the client takes on a commitment to grow, you are into it, you are ready, you have set aside the time and money, and then – nothing ...
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The US – Isolated and alone?

While living in the US, for 25 years, I always had a eerie feeling of isolation. That if the US did something dumb, we’d float off on our own into an isolated island in the West. I found it hard to find world news but they were often US centric. So as much as the US has been the envy of the world for so long, it is also an ...
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Being Political is Being Human

My yoga teacher @SharonGannon once said, ¨to be human is to be political¨. We can't help but be. It's healthy. #superbowl went #political #alliswell Coach Jo ...
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Johanna Sawalha

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