Why Get a Coach?

“I’ve always battled with my career. I felt like I had no purpose and I never liked what I was doing. My jobs always ended in me either being let go from downsizing or I would get fired. My coach taught me that it’s not “what I do” for a living that matters it’s ¨how I am¨ about what I am doing that does. My coach is teaching me how to break my old habits and how important it is to challenge my doubts and fears. I realize that I truly create my world by what I think. I now have practices in place that stop me from going down a path of negativity and self-doubt. As I keep up the practices she taught me, they get better and better and so does my life.”
 — Beth Armstrong, events manager

So…why get a coach?

You –

  • Develop leadership skills and practices – for work and life!
  • You enhance your career and end up in the right place…
  • Get ongoing, impartial feedback that assures your growth!


7 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be an Adult

We often complain out loud or to ourselves about the burdens of being an adult (especially if you are also a parent). No more late nights and long sleepy mornings, no burning midnight oil out of sheer inspiration and no more letting bills be someone else’s problem. BUT – it’s actually GREAT being an adult. Why? You’re less concerned about what others are doing and more into what you’re You ...
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Want To Know What Lying Does To You…?

It rots your soul. More specifically, it drastically limits your self expression as you will be busy keeping track of what you said and to whom. It's a dark hole that it only becomes harder to climb out of the deeper you dig. But there is a way out. I will give you the first tip. List all lies you've told that you can think of. Out right ones. White ...
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What Patterns Does Trump Have You Think…?

Thinking about patterns as I read this mornings political rhetoric. Jobs’ 30th birthday invitation said: “There’s an old Hindu saying that goes, ‘In the first 30 years of your life, you make your habits; For the last 30 years of your life, your habits make you.’ Come help celebrate mine.” What are your patterns that, if you look, have followed you for a very long time? Which ones make you ...
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Curious What Your Super Powers Are…?

If you read some of my latest posts, you know I’m on my Super Power train! I asked a few people of sound judgement who’ve known me for a while, what my Super Powers are? The reason was, and you know this from StrengthsFinder 2.0,  that we get way more mileage out of leveraging our strengths than improving our weaknesses! I got some great responses; some’re simple validations and some ...
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Fathers & Daughters – Are You Minding the Relationship?

Dad's visiting. This is us then. Us now are older but the same in our hearts. We've seen Mexico, India, Italy, Spain, Jordan, the world together.#fathersanddaughters #strengthenthebond#nevergiveup #itsyourtemplateformen ...
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Speak Out – Listen Up!

Speaking on immigration@nordiskamuseet. You will never regret having used your voice, spoken up or fighting for what's right. Let not your life be defined by when you stood back, went into your head and worried about how you were seen! #nordiskamuseet #speakoutlistenup #migtalks #notenoughleaders ...
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Get up – stand up!

Never lose an opportunity to speak up! #speaking on #immigration and being an #immigrant #speakoutlistenup#migtalks #nordiskamuseet #migrationsverket #useyourvoice #standup ...
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Who Actually Needs a Coach…?

The answer is - nobody. And everybody. In the words of a client: "I've always battled with my career. I felt like I had no purpose and I never liked what I was doing. My jobs always ended in me either being let go from downsizing or I would get fired. My coach taught me that it's not "what I do" for a living that matters it's ¨how I am¨ ...
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NATIONAL KIDS AND PETS DAY If your kid is anything like mine, s/he wants a pet. Lucky for me, my neighbor have the adorable chihuaua Maximus that we can all borrow when the need gets too great. I've taught my kids to sit and commune with the dog, and other pets they encounter. I marvel at the patience they have deveoped by sitting and waiting for the animal to come ...
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What Does it Take to Get back in the Swing of Things?

First day back after Easter, I'm thinking over just HANDLING stuff, it takes remembering the contribution that you are. Leaving life on the planet better than you found it. Discuss below what YOUR contribution is. Your special gift. If you are not sure, I will guide you through a few simple steps to find out... Warmly, Coach Jo ...
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Johanna Sawalha

Executive Coach