Why Get a Coach?

“I’ve always battled with my career. I felt like I had no purpose and I never liked what I was doing. My jobs always ended in me either being let go from downsizing or I would get fired. My coach taught me that it’s not “what I do” for a living that matters it’s ¨how I am¨ about what I am doing that does. My coach is teaching me how to break my old habits and how important it is to challenge my doubts and fears. I realize that I truly create my world by what I think. I now have practices in place that stop me from going down a path of negativity and self-doubt. As I keep up the practices she taught me, they get better and better and so does my life.”
 — Beth Armstrong, events manager

So…why get a coach?

You –

  • Develop leadership skills and practices – for work and life!
  • You enhance your career and end up in the right place…
  • Get ongoing, impartial feedback that assures your growth!


Yes, the summit is happening BUT wanted to give you something else as well…

¨Listening, ¨ Erich Fromm – the great thinker, therapist and writer said, “is an art like the understanding of poetry” and, like any art, has its own rules and norms. These are his six such guidelines for mastering the art of truly understanding another human being. In the era of #metoo #trump #blacklivesmatter, his words are more poignant than ever… The basic rule for practicing this art is the complete ...
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Work Your Passion Summit – Launching Today!

This summit is for you who feel: Stuck in y0ur day job Have a dream to create something that is truly yours Work with what you are passionate about every day Don't miss it - sign up - it's launching today! Can't wait to have you! Warmly, Coach Jo ...
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Is it Time to Put Your Passions to Work? By Homaira Kabir

Editor's note: Make sure to sign up for the Work Your Passion summit if you answered yes to the question in the title! Also, to contact Homaira, the author of this piece, see her information at the bottom. Are you one of the 70% of employees who feels disengaged at work? Or part of the millions for whom work-related stress has become the source of ill health, anxiety and even ...
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The Work Your Passion summit!

Hey, hey! You do NOT want to miss this 21-day summit - with the most amazing speakers. They will teach you EVERYthing you need to know about: Starting out on your own Quitting your desk job Working with what you LOVE for a living... Who should listen in? You - if you are DONE not doing what you love day-to-day! Coach Jo ...
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Are We Getting Numb?

Are we getting numb? Have we got "fear fatigue"? Or is it that we're getting better at defiance? So wisely asked by the BBC in the UK. You may call me morbid, but I look at the pictures from each attack. Not oogling. I look and feel. Every time. I will never EVER start to equal one attack with another. Don’t you either. I will also not stop addressing them, ...
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Why THIS woman matters…!

It’s National Poetry Day. What does poetry do with us humans that no other art form can? Maybe it’s in the brevity of the stanzas, the pauses and the way it leaves you half knowing, half not. I have had the honor to know a few poets. One of my favorite ones, as well as people on the planet, wrote below poem ¨Hidden¨ - award winning poet Naomi Shihab Nye ...
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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Not my line but that of Angela Duckworth and her great little book on grit. I was a-MAZ-ed at my 4-yearold little twinkies running their first race yesterday. My boy took off like shot out of a cannon and my girl held my hand and ran. When we got to our umpteen hill, she didn’t complain, just recognized ¨You know, I’m a little tired. ¨ And still, she kept on ...
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Campaign – ¨The Last Quarter Inch¨

Offer/Campaign -               ¨The Last Quarter Inch¨  Hey you! Lots of exciting things coming up this fall, like the online summit about how to turn your hobby into your work. The summit launches Oct 19, but I also wanted to extend something overall, over-arching…! I’ve named this campaign - ¨The Last Quarter Inch¨.   If you are any like me - and the rest ...
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Inspo Luncheon in Visby, Gotland!

See video clip of myself and Marcus Höök leading an inspo lunch on the theme ¨Feedback - How To Give and Receive It¨, held at the Strand Academy, Strand Hotel, Visby, Gotland. Enjoy! Jo Film credit: Sebastian, Strand Academy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj7KADJvIaA ...
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An Equestrian Healer

...Satya, my four-year old twin daughter, is a horse girl. She is the youngest in the stable. Her feet barely reach the stirrups. Still - she is hooked. She has found her hobby, passion or whatever it will turn out to be. I, on the other hand, was never a horse girl. The teenagers in the stable are trying to convince me that ¨it’s so eeeasy to learn to saddle ...
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Johanna Sawalha

Executive Coach