Work Your Passion Summit – Launching Today!

This summit is for you who feel:

  • Stuck in y0ur day job
  • Have a dream to create something that is truly yours
  • Work with what you are passionate about every day

Don’t miss it – sign up – it’s launching today!

Can’t wait to have you!


Coach Jo

5 Replies to “Work Your Passion Summit – Launching Today!”

  1. Hi,

    I have signed up for this summit 2 days ago. According to the site, the summit has launched yesterday, October 19th. Unfortunately I have not received any daily notifications and I am not sure if here is another way to views the sessions.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    1. Anna! SO glad you signed up and sorry you’ve had trouble. I have submitted your note to my tech people. Let me know if they don’t get back to you promptly!

  2. Is it possible to still watch some of the interviews? I received an email from Patricia Moreno about hers. When I click on the link it allows me to sign up but there is nothing to see. I know the summit is over. Is there a way to see replays? Or will you be doing this again?

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