This is embarrassing but I’ll tell you anyway –

Entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches – they all know that writing a book is the ticket. In fact, it’s almost a prerequisite for being taken seriously and for anyone to put you on their speakers’ roster. Even if no one ever reads your book –  that’s not even the point. It’s almost like a college degree. No one really cares what subject you majored in, they only care that you graduated, which means you can commit and that you’re a Finisher.

Here’s my embarrassing confession. I wrote a book and haven’t shown it to anybody. It’s sitting there and I’ve been ¨waiting for the right time to release it¨. Not only is it that book, I have started others – countless others – and never finished them.

Why am I telling you this? Because by telling I’m committing. 2018 is here. This year I will finish the book. A book. ANY book. My dad has been my co-criminal in starting and not finishing a few books we’ve begun together, with me being more of the criminal than him. He’s sort of been waiting for me to pull the trigger for real. Before New Year’s I crept to the cross with him and said, ¨Let’s do this. Let’s write the d-n book already.¨

The working title is ¨Karma in The Company Culture¨. Hopefully the title reveals what we’re tackling, but basically it’s all the organizational scandals that keep getting revealed, all based on poor ethics as well as lack of creating, and adhering to, values. Dad, as a web-journalist will present data findings and analysis, whereas I’ll provide case studies from my 25 years as an executive coach. During my tenure, I’ve coached countless executives and high performers who’ve been on the brink of disaster because they wouldn’t give up the lyin’, cheatin’, stealin’. Their immoral behaviour has been founded upon the fact that that somewhere up the power ladder, they’ve lost their sense of vulnerability and connection to regular folks and have become, to themselves, invincible. Surprisingly, it takes neither a lot of additional power nor money to thwart people’s heads.

This is what we’re doing. Comments and feedback along the way will be most welcome and highly appreciated.

To sum it all up, I’ll treat you to a few #tbt pictures of dad and I in London in 1999. Anybody catching what I used to sport on my upper arm…J? I really did think I was all that and more, speaking of an inflated sense of self.

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you for being you – and Happy New Year! What good confessions do you have to share…?


Coach Jo


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  1. I am incredibly eager to write a book. I feel as though I am ‘pregnant’ with ideas and desires and my book is waiting to be birthed BUT I have no idea how to start. I am having a feeling that that statement might be an excuse and that if I was really passionate that I’d be writing and writing every day but for some reason I cannot bring myself to start. Although the passion is there and it is building.

    1. Oh Maria – your inability to start has nothing to do with whether or not you are passionate enough! It has to do with accountability. Someone has to be waiting for, reading and commenting on your installments lady :)! I do that for people all the time, if you want to have THAT conversation. In the meantime, for logistics, check out these links on how to get that sucker out in 90 days, either Sarah Domet’s Writer’s Digest book, or Kevin Bermingham’s

      Much love,


  2. Jo – So timely! Should be a best seller! Time for me to finish my book as well! People have been telling me for years that I have a “million dollar” idea and that they can’t wait to read it. Were they just being polite? We’ll see. I wish I had a co-author too — might make the process go easier. Anyway, good luck on your current book and, in thinking about it, you should consider publishing the book you completed previously. I’d love to read a draft!

    1. Oh boy. You’re giving me serious nachas here…(Yiddish for heart burn..but not the acidic kind. The warm and fuzzies).

  3. So – to me, it LOOKS like a Christmas Tree on your arm (but maybe I’m still in holiday mode 🙂 ) I LOVE that you’re going to do the book this year – can’t wait to read it !!!

    1. Ha! No it was a Celtic tattoo I got on a whim when I was 18. $50 to get, $500 to remove – which was a lot more money 20 years ago than it is today. Thanks SO much for your support and DO let me know YOUR deepest secret wish I can support YOU in!

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