Inspiration is not what you think it was

Welcome to Inspo Week – all week I’ll be speaking about the sources of inspiration, how it works, and HOW to get inspired. Contrary to popular thought and according to recent research, inspiration works the opposite way than previously thought.


Rather than needing inspiration to get creative, getting creative (see – just starting!) gets you inspired. Whoda’ thought? And have you had this experience?


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Closing the Gap Program – bring a friend for free :)

Promo Friday time! But this is not really a promo. It is a reach out to see if you, or who you know, who feel like they’re slipping a bit on 2018’s goals. We’re half way there so if you know anybody who feels they need a good kick in the asana for finishing out the year strong – please forward this to them! And a special offer to you is you get to bring a friend for free.

Here goes:

The ¨Closing the Gap¨ Program

We’re offering a Group program beginning in early June – which is half way to the new year.

A great chance to recommit to what you set out to do this year!

It’s a 6-month Program to pick up the ball where you may have dropped on 2018, powerfully and intentionally close out the year.

If you have been coached before YOU KNOW coaching works because it is action oriented, you are held accountable and it feels great to move towards what you want.

If you haven’t been coached before, try this. It will make the difference.

Ask yourself.. How long have you been idling in this place? Do you want to stay there?

You’ll be able to close the gap on the issues you started working on in the Spring Fling.

Kate and I have over 30 years of coaching experience between us – as leader, we’ve got this

Here’s what you get:

At $427 a month…

2 experienced coaches

2 Group calls

1 30-minute private

Group support

  • The Group calls will provide content to remove your blocks. You will replace procrastination with action. They will be a combination of content and live coaching feedback. The calls will be recorded so you can listen to any that you miss.
  • Facebook support- The community will hold you high as you commit to the changes YOU want to make. You don’t have to do it aloneOne 30-minute PRIVATE coaching call per month.
  • Buddy support to help with accountability.

If you want to schedule a call with any questions you may have, click here!

Some of you know that I was gearing up to lead a High Performance group. It was going to be $700.00/month. Now, I’ve changed my mind. I’d rather do Closing The Gap with Kate and you guys because this is what I think is most needed right now. For my HP’ers, I’ll be back with that program, don’t worry. I wanted this Closing the Gap program to be at the same price point…because…that’s my rate…! And then I thought, well, we’re co-leading it, let’s see if I can make it work for $100 less, at $600…but then Kate came and said, ‘we’re doing it for $427.00/month! So that’s it’s accessible to more than just a few.’ I’m going with that.

So at $427.00/month, you’ll be able to close the gap on the things you MOST wanted for yourself this year. Jump on it. Here’s the link to register !

Bonuses: For the first 5 who sign up – they get a half hour coaching call for free.

You will also get a link to the webinar itself if you missed it. It’s a good recap of what was learned in the Spring Fling 5-day challenge.

You also get to bring a friend for free!

Sign up now – spaces are limited.


What IS it with doggies and babies?

What IS it with doggies and babies?

That has everyone melt.

That elicits the universal ¨aawww…. ¨ with the up-lilt in the end.

We can love a baby and the puppy endlessly.


What IS the trick with self-love?

It wasn’t just mom who ruined our sense of self.

That can’t be the answer.

(And as a mom myself, I take offense to that.

That any future challenge of my kids’ will be all my fault!)


“We have met the enemy and he is us.”  – Pogo


All the things we take issue with out in the world, exist somewhere in ourselves.

The violence we abhor – we commit violence against ourselves and sense of self every day. The pollution of air and sea – we still drive our cars and use our hair spray and whatever else.


Are we willing to come face-to-face with the enemy within?

And have a serious discussion.

¨What’s it gonna’ be? You or me, pal?¨

The Committed One or the Ignorant One.

The more we can allow ALL aspects of ourselves to be there, thus keeping the enemy close, we can keep making the choices for good. We can stop the self-defeating behaviors we engage in, and maybe, MAYBE we can start to love ourselves. Ever so little. Perhaps if we’re really lucky, one day we can love ourselves as much as we love doggies and babies.

What do you think?

Comment below!


I’m asking YOU to vote on this poll, because I’m in the need to know…

I need to know what YOU want the most.

I ACTIVELY use the feedback from you to improve and provide the best possible service I can as a coach.

Vote on which option BEST applies to you:

  1. I care most to make more money
  2. I care most about boosting my career
  3. I care most about being happy and at peace
  4. I care most about finding purpose in life
  5. I care most about providing leadership

Thank you for providing your feedback. I appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve my coaching offerings! Warmly, Coach Jo

PS. Also, we’re going into a long weekend, so I thought I’d offer 3 free strategy calls if any of the topics above really resonate with you – and you want to discuss how it applies to you specifically. 3 is all I have time for so hurry, hurry! – click now to schedule 


Don’t miss the Spring Fling webinar!

A webinar to:

Re-boot and renew…

Clear away the psychic and material clutter and experience the magic.

Take control of your life.

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The Spring FLING webinar & recap …!¨ 

Tue May 8th

14.00 EST

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Humor me as I ¨go first¨ with the Spring Fling!

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Does life feel heavy?

Maybe there’s a cloud of irritation following you around…

Here’s a solution.

A FREE 5-day Challenge designed to give you freedom and space:


It takes place virtually via email and Facebook, so you can do it from anywhere.

It will get you back to basics.

YOUR basics.

What serves you? What makes you happy?

It’s said that transformation is the shift in your perspective, which is what this challenge is about.

5 days of actions that will dramatically shift your mindset, so you feel more control of your life.

Spring Fling


If you are ready to shift your thinking and your life… join this challenge.
Take your life back!

Here’s what you will get:

  • For 5 days you will receive an email with transformational exercises
  • A private Facebook Group where you can share your experience and receive coaching and support
  • The challenge ends with a meeting-of-the-minds on a 45-minute webinar
Here’s what you will experience:
  • A feeling of manageability
  • More focus and clarity
  • A sense of relief
  • The experience of Freedom

The Spring Fling Challenge is led by two experienced coaches: Kate Crow and Jo Sawalha, who have more than 30 years of coaching experience between them.

¨Re-boot and renew…

Clear away the psychic and material clutter and experience the magic.

Take control of your life.

Sign up and have FUN.

Spring FLING…!¨ 

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This challenge is FREE!

PS. Humor me as I ¨go first¨ regarding clearing out – watch me detach from half of my winter coats – out with the old, in with the new!

Why Should Anyone Hire a Coach?

No one single action, no moment in our time together, no simple explanation can describe the love I feel for this woman. As a friend of 20 years. As a respected client.

That’s what happens in coaching. There’s a deep friendship, either before or after the professional engagement – a friendship that lasts within and without the professional bounds. When Amy & I work, we work – when we play, we play. And we know what hat to wear when. As friend. As client. As coach.

I give you – Amy Botelho, journalist, comedienne, supreme human being…

¨Amy Botelho’s Testimonial: ‘Why Should Anyone Hire a Coach?’¨


PS. If this resonates with you, get in touch. Don’t wait. Your future begins today….


What’s Not Working & How I’m Dealing With It


  The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  Socrates 

Ever find yourself doing things in a certain way? Because that’s how you’ve always done them? Isn’t it amazing how you somewhat stay in the same orbit in life, simply because you are doing all the same things you always did…?

I just came back from Easter vacation, skiing with Z(hubby), Sami (2nd grader), and Satya & Nicky (the 5-year old twins). It was just heaven. I noticed when I came back that I wanted to stay in vacation mode. Everyone got out the door in the morning a half hour late, because I wouldn’t snap into gear. Then, I wanted to start handling practical things, like stowing the skis and returning emails and schedule ¨stuff¨. That – rather than connect with you guys. Shame on me. I do not like to admit that.

The reason, I saw, was that it’s way easier to ¨knock things off the list¨. This is my pit fall. Every. Single. Time. And it’s SO my mom. Handling THINGS over connecting with people. The first words out of mom’s mouth when we got our puppy last week was, ¨but what about your traveling?¨ The second sentence was, ¨oh, but how much fun for the kids – and you¨. See? That’s what I do when on auto pilot.

Connecting takes something. It makes you raw. Puts you on the hook. Makes you vulnerable. But! Connection is currency. It’s the only thing that truly matters. In business, and ya’all know this somewhere deep inside, the only boss is the customer and your relationship.

Once I get going communicating though, once I start to connect, it puts me in my happy place. It’s like a steam train puffing to a start. I just have to get going. It doesn’t work for me not to connect deeply with people – so I make it a non-negotiable. I HAVE to. It’s a rule. Every day. When do you want to hide from people? Where in your life do you duck so you don’t have to connect.

Hit reply and respond, xoxo,

PS. If you read this and thought, ¨MAN, that’s me. I run from people any way I can,¨ I can help you. I have learnt a few tricks since I caught on to my auto pilot devil. Make sure to schedule an exploratory call with me about it. Don’t wait. It’s too important. DS.