About moving forward…

My inspiration to you today has to do with staying moving forward…

What I mean by that is most people you ask will say that they like change, that change is good.  That is a lie.  People hate change.  Myself included.

Things staying the same feel much safer, cozier, familiar, familial, traditional, homey.  I could go on.

Recently when I have encountered changes, many of them, which I have shared with you, I have conjured this visual in my mind of having someone or something behind my back, like a door shut, or a hand, that only allows me to move forward.  That doesn’t allow me to look back, turn back, or even care about what I just left behind.

And then I feel better.

Because regret, concern, worry is usually related to something that just happened that I didn’t like.  Even if it was an instant ago, it’s already in the past.  That is when I think and say to myself, “Just move forward.”

For some reasons, that loosens the reigns of my mind that tells me to analyze the incident that just went down and fix it and mull it over.

I just move forward.

And even inside this visual of forward motion things that do need to be fixed, get fixed. But it is different.  Pushing the boulder uphill is still a lot easier that trying to pick it up from behind.

And the earth turns anyway and of course everything turns out in the end, sans my furrowed brow and worries.

If this makes no sense to you – disregard immediately.

But if it does, do respond and let me know what you think about this moving forward business.

Everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, said Warhol… plug in for yours

The world that Andy Warhol predicted in ’68 when he said that eventually, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, is here…

You can tweet it, post it, blog it, stream it and there are enough people reading and watching for your 15 minutes to be had by you….

It begs the question, what do you want to do with your 15 minutes?

Of course there are super famous people in the world like Oprah, but I love that people like CNN hero Yohannes Gebregeorgi from Ethiopia got his because he brought the world of books to his country’s children.


You would have never heard of him if it weren’t for this new world of instant connectedness we live in (much less know how to pronounce his name!)

Therefore it is of utmost importance, I mean critical, that you also feel connected – to other people, yourself, and what you care about.  My reasoning is this, if you are feeling disjointed, disconnected, or like there is something missing between you and another or you and yourself, take the time and find out what is in the way.

Or else you won’t claim your 15 minutes.

Your time when the world’s all ears for what you have to say.

And you do have something to say.

Based on your very unique experience of being here, in this skin bag, trying to figure it all out.

You have so much to teach.

You have so much to share.

As much as you let me guide you through coaching, I learn something every time I speak to you.

Make sure you speak.

And if you fall on your face or fall apart or flub your 15, we’ll pick up the pieces together.  I think that Warhol’s 15 minutes have become exponential and you can have as many go’s at it as you want.

So speak.

Love always,