Johanna Sawalha Executive Coach

Johanna Sawalha Executive Coach

Message from Coach Jo –

¨Hi everyone! You are here, so I’m going to assume that you are committed to the growth and development of yourself, your team or your company. Nothing could make me happier - I salute you for caring about this. I will be sure to provide value to you - and please let me know if you want to see something in particular. I will do my best to grant your requests! ¨

About moving forward…

April 18, 20111 Comment

My inspiration to you today has to do with staying moving forward… What I mean by that is most people you ask will say that they like change, that change is good.  That is a lie.  People hate change.  Myself included. Things staying the same feel much safer, cozier, familiar, familial, traditional, homey.  I could Read More

Everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, said Warhol… plug in for yours

April 16, 20112 Comments

The world that Andy Warhol predicted in ’68 when he said that eventually, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, is here… You can tweet it, post it, blog it, stream it and there are enough people reading and watching for your 15 minutes to be had by you…. It begs the question, what do Read More