Johanna Sawalha is an executive coach with 20+ years of coaching experience.

Her specialties are executive coaching, executive mentoring, situational solutions to eliminate workplace dysfunction, collaboration to assure executive teamwork, problem solving for C-Suite and BOD executives. Wealth and financial strategies, communication and public speaking skills, creating and maintaining companies’ mission and vision strategies.


James Mansfield

James Mansfield

Founder & CEO West Village General Contracting

Deciding to have a coach is always a tough decision, after all we all think we have it nailed and given time it will all come together, right? Maybe so, but this defiantly speeds up the process. Since starting my coaching with Jo, I have taken my business from $500,000 p/a in revenue to over $3,000,000 and climbing. Was it worth it? You bet.

James Mansfield
MD West Village General Contracting LLC

Theresa Gauquie CPA, CMA, CGMA ("Teri")

Theresa Gauquie CPA, CMA, CGMA (“Teri”)

Disaster Recovery Accounting Specialist

I hired Johanna (“Jo”) as a life coach – particularly to assist me with weight loss. I have achieved and continue to succeed in this area.

I was prosperous in my profession. With Jo’s help, I continue to thrive financially but also am professionally successful, happy and pleased with my work life.

Jo in short is astute, perceptive and her greatest strength is her ability to integrate many areas of one’s life to help reach your goals and dreams – whatever they may be.

Erika Shannon-Hathaway

Erika Shannon-Hathaway

DB365 Trainer at Daily Burn an IAC Company

I have been working with Jo for three years and cannot recommend her highly enough. She has consistently inspired and challenged me to play bigger, and the results have been staggering. There is no way I would be where I am in my professional or personal life without Jo’s coaching.

Jennifer De Christoforo

Jennifer De Christoforo

Professional pen and problem solver.

Jo is an incredible coach and will help you design your life beyond what you think you can dream. She’s a “hard ass” in the best way possible. You are choosing to spend your money wisely if you are looking to focus on your life and well being. She will guide you and encourage you … and kick your butt when you need it.


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